Dear Bob,

I’ve been wanting to get back to you in order to thank you for all of the fine work that your company has once again done for our organization. This is the third project that I can recall that you all have done for us including the job from a number of years ago on our family support center in Landover, the French Drain work here at Hyattsville, and now the Facelift Project on the Hyattsville Building. I know we dragged things out at our end somewhat since we were working with the County and City on the project for partial funding, which took lots of understanding on your part—I really do appreciate your working with us and being flexible, I know even getting things together at first was more confusing than usual since there were so many players in the project! Your “hanging-in” was appreciated.

I can’t remember the names of all of the folks who worked on the project, but they were all very cooperative, polite, and interested in helping us to be able to continue to fully utilize the building during the renovations that you all were doing for us. I particularly do, however, want to pass along our appreciation to Justin who coordinated and supervised the work. Justin was particularly helpful and responded to our calls and requests when minor issues with the project did arise. It was clear that he wanted the work to be right and he’s a good person to demonstrate how well you all stand behind your work. We’ve never had any problems with the jobs performed by your company, and your willingness to stay with the project when call-backs might have been needed is very much appreciated.

Anyway, we’re very pleased with the work now completed, and just wanted to let you know of our appreciation for your efforts. I do hope that we will be in a position to have you all involved in future work for our organization.

Scott B.—Hyattsville, Maryland